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Abroad Blog of the Week: If You Ever Find Yourself In…

In my search for the Abroad Blog of the Week, I’ve been reading dozens of travel blogs over the past few days.  Some were written by first-time travelers, while others documented the wanderings of what I would call professional globe trotters. But there was one travel blog this week really caught my eye: If You Ever Find Yourself In…  The blog of two well-traveled sisters and their mom, If You Ever Find Yourself In… takes a different approach to sharing their global adventures.  Rather than just retelling their story, the three South African bloggers take on the role of a tour guide.  The women share what you could do in Copenhagen, Prague, Apricena, etc. They focus a good bit on nature, exploring outside of the city, and participating in local events. If I ever do find myself in Copenhagen, Prague, Apricena, etc., I will certainly look to this blog for thoughtful advice on how I should spend my time.

If you ever find yourself in Apricena, visit the historical city of Vico.

When the Moon Hits Your Eye…

Not only did we have an annular eclipse in San Diego today (stunning!), but it was also the annual Sicilian Festival in Little Italy.  Of course we couldn’t pass it up.  We scoped out the Gesso Italiano (Italian Chalk), took pictures of the human music box, devoured delicious meatballs, and eyed the cannoli with desire.  If you are interested in delving into Italian culture from home, visit the National Italian American Foundation and check out these great sites:

Il Pranzo Italiano

My job is pretty quiet in the summer.  With most of the students at home for their break, I have to bribe people to come visit – otherwise I stare at a computer for 8 hours straight.  With college students, the best bribe of course is food, so I decided I would make lunch today for a few students who are working on campus this summer.  To be honest, feeding them was totally selfish – I love having visitors, I have to eat too, and it gave me something fun to write about.

With Italy on the brain after reading all those postcards, I thought some “authentic” Italian cuisine might be fun.  Our menu consisted of a caprese salad (I added mixed greens to make it more substantial), procuitto and melon, bread, roasted almonds, and watermelon granita.  These probably aren’t the dishes that most people think of when it comes to Italian food, but they are some of my favorites.  Plus, they don’t require a stove (which I don’t have in the office).

Of everything, I would definitely recommend trying the watermelon granita.  It was easy, light, and almost as good as the ones I had in Italy.