Global Bound

When reading my posts, you may be interested in knowing where I’ve been and how different posts reflect my travels. Here is a list of my adventures abroad.

Me in Japan trying fried eel.

1990 (5 days) – family vacation to Ontario, CANADA

1998 (10 days) – visited my brother in Wiesbaden, GERMANY; visited Munich, Frankfurt, and Salzburg, AUSTRIA

2000 (4 weeks) – participated in service learning in Escort, SOUTH AFRICA; visited Johannesburg, Durban, and LESOTHO

2002 (8 weeks) – participated in an Italian language and culture study abroad program that went from the top to bottom of ITALY and VATICAN CITY

2003 (8 weeks) – participated in the same program in ITALY again

2003 (10 days) – volunteered in an English language camp with North Point Community Church in Presov and Zilnia, SLOVAKIA

2004 (8 weeks) – served as the graduate assistant for the same study abroad program in ITALY (noticing a theme?) 🙂

2004 (12 days) – visited my best friend in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA and also visited El Calafate

2005 (6 weeks) – backpacked on my own through SWITZERLAND, ITALY, and FRANCE

2007 (10 days) – completed a site visit of universities in Sycusa, Roma, Fierze, and Milano, ITALY

2008 (3 weeks) – served as program assistant on a study abroad program in JAPAN

2009 (2 weeks) – served as a program assistant on a study abroad program in PERU

2012 (7 days) – spent a wonderful week in Puerto Vallarta, MEXICO with Hubby

In addition to these, I’ve been on family cruises with stops in JAMAICA, BARBADOS, HAITI, and ST. LUCIA. But since this was back in the day when passports weren’t required and they were each 1-day stops, I could definitely stand another visit.

For my wish list, I would love to hit up the UK, VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, EGYPT, BELIZE, ECUADOR, GREECE, TURKEY, JORDAN, RUSSIA, and ISRAEL.  But let me be honest…I’d be happy to go anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Global Bound

  1. Rachel Hollenbaugh

    Hi Elise….Your mom just sent me the link to your blog. I LOVE it!! Jim and I are trying to cram so much traveling into our retirement years, especially now when we’re “young” enough and healthy enough to enjoy it! Your blog is giving us lots of ideas for future travel–both domestic and international. We’ve been to four of the seven continents. It would be nice to some day reach the other three. Enjoy your exploration of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. I’m excited to follow your travels on your blog. (Love your homemade postcards!)

    1. eliseblalock Post author

      It is so good to hear from you, Rachel! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. Keep me posted on your travels too. Your advice for San Diego was wonderful.

  2. Devin

    Elisa, My name is Devin, and I am a working professional with an interest in moving into the international education field. I was wondering if I might pick your brain for some advice. May I contact you by email? I am reachable at Thanks!


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