Global From Home

I am a study abroad advisor so naturally I love to travel.  My adventures started at 16 when I went to visit my brother who was stationed in Germany and since then I have studied abroad in Italy and have traveled to 15 other countries.  However, the older I get the less I travel.  Job constraints, financial constraints, or family constraints keep me homebound.  Fortunately as social media continues to grow, so do the opportunities to be global from home.  So that is my goal – explore the world around me within a 30 mile radius of my front door and share what I find.


6 thoughts on “Global From Home

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  2. willtravelwithkids

    I love that concept – being global from home. The diversity in San Diego is fabulous and I’ve been enjoying exploring its nooks and crannies the last year or so since we’ve lived here. Great blog!

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