Recent Treadmill Read – The Night Circus

Recently I was looking for a new book to read on the treadmill and saw The Night Circus while browsing at my local Book Star.  After reading the jacket cover, I downloaded the sample on my Kindle and then quickly decided it was worthy of its $13.99 price tag.  Hopping from London to Cairo, Paris to Montreal, this first novel by Erin Morgenstern magically took me around the globe and back in time.  Telling the story of two young magicians unaware that they are competing against each other, The Night Circus has the perfect balance of mystery, romance, and creativity.  Personally I have two ways I judge how much I like a book: 1) how quickly I read it, and 2) if I would read it again.  Well, I read this 400 page book in just 4 days and would definitely not mind a re-run.


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