My Jubilee Hat

I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the hype for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.  The Brits have truly gone over the top with the parade of boats, Union Jacks covering streets, pubs, and faces, and all kinds of Queen paraphernalia. Although many tout that the monarchy is old fashion and unneeded, I actually believe that it provides consistency, tradition, and unity.  It was only a year ago that the entire world turned their heads to London for the wedding of the century (yes, I did get up to watch it at like 5 a.m.) and now once again Britain draws our attention with the extravagant four-day celebration of the Queen’s 60-year rule.  The Jubilee truly has been everywhere – People did a spread on her diamonds, Traditional Home’s whole June issue was dedicated to British design, and Sunday Morning interviewed a gentleman who had been in the choir at Elizabeth’s coronation.

In the Queen’s address today, she said that she hoped these events would “brighten our lives.”  From the thousands of pictures, blogs, and Facebook posts, I’m pretty sure her hope has come true for many.

As the Jubilee celebration came to an end, I celebrated by donning an audacious hat, drinking a cup of Earl Grey, and wearing my Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans.  Long live the Queen!

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