Store-Bought Japanese

As you may have already guessed, the student lunch this week was of the Japanese persuasion.  It also required very little cooking as I pretty much bought everything (100% fine by me!). We had spicy shrimp tempura rolls, california rolls, edamame, rice, and red bean angel rolls from the Asian market. While most of the food (especially the sushi) was devoured, everyone was a little hesitant about the red bean angel rolls.  They were made from a red bean paste spread over a light angel food cake roll and had a very mild sweet flavor. My dad always says that no cake is worth eating if it doesn’t go “thud” when it hits the plate.  These definitely didn’t thud, but they seemed fairly authentic from what I remember eating when I was in Japan.  Fortunately I didn’t think they were so bad so I brought two packages home with me…dessert for tonight!

On a side note, I have to give Ralph’s (our local grocery store) huge props.  The two women who work their sushi counter were awesome! They took my order and made my sushi on the spot.  Plus, they were delicious!

Our Japanese spread

Perfectly plated!

This picture is not quite accurate. I actually ate my sushi with my fingers. Embarrassing, I know, but chopsticks and I just don’t get along.

These are the bean paste angel rolls from the bakery at the Asian market.


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