Patted Down for Peanut Butter

I consider myself a seasoned traveler. Between traveling for a living right out of college, living 3,000 miles from family, and doing the regular long weekend out-of-town, Hubby and I fly a good bit; probably about 8 to 10 times a year at this point. In all my travels abroad and Stateside, I’ve never had anything confiscated or been patted down, that is until yesterday.

With our move to Oklahoma next month, we decided to use the holiday (plus a few extra days) to house hunt. So yesterday morning at 6am, we headed to the San Diego airport for our 8:15am flight. I had meticulously packed and tried to prepare for everything. Knowing we were having dinner with a couple tonight, I thought ahead and bought them a gift from San Diego – PB Peanut Butter. Now let me explain, this is not just any peanut butter. This peanut butter is toffee flavored, handmade in Pacific Beach, CA, and costs a whopping $9 for a small jar. It is amazing…and since this couple has three boys, I thought it would be a fun gift rather than a bottle of wine.

Well, TSA did not agree with my gift giving. Me, the well-seasoned traveler, put the peanut butter in my carry-on since I did not even think it would be considered a cream. I mean, it was chunky peanut butter. So first came the baggage check where they ripped the peanut butter from my beautiful wrapping job, rumpled through all my clothes, and let the entire airport see my bras and undies. When I told the TSA agent that he was ruining my packing job, he told me that it didn’t look like I had much of one to begin with.  Frustration. Next came the pat downs. Yes, plural. They patted me down twice because the first time I set off the alarm.

Feeling thoroughly groped and $9 of peanut butter lighter, I was able to re-pack my bag and head on to the plane where Hubby accidentally spilt coffee all over us. This goes to say that no matter how seasoned we are, disaster cannot always be avoided in travel. Fortunately the experiences we have when we travel make it worth all the while.

This is what started all the trouble

What travel disasters have you experienced? Make me feel better!


9 thoughts on “Patted Down for Peanut Butter

    1. eliseblalock Post author

      Thanks, Letizia. I told the TSA guy to take it home to his wife (I figured somebody should enjoy that deliciousness), but he said he’d be fired if he did.

  1. Mary in Haifa

    I once had a TSA agent in Fayetteville, Arkansas try to confiscate my asthma inhaler out of my carry-on because he insisted it was a liquid. Needless to say, I threw a fit and demanded a supervisor. I had to go all the way up to the airport station manager before they would give it back to me. Of the bazillions of airports I fly through, that was a first!
    PS – I regularly pack a PB&J for the plane…remind me not to pack one for my San Diego trips…

    1. eliseblalock Post author

      That is so ridiculous. An inhaler isn’t even over the 3oz limit! I appreciate all they do to protect us, but some of the things they enforce seem pretty silly. Thanks for sharing, Mary!

  2. Kara Kraus Sundar

    if you plan to travel to india, be prepared to be practically groped. apparently they worry your bra will hold a weapon.

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