Friday’s Olympian to Watch: Viktoria Komova

You’ve probably already seen the tiny Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova win the silver in the all-around individual gymnastics competition just yesterday. As I watched the duel between her and American Gabby Douglas, I could only imagine what was going through her head. But after reading more about her, it seems that besides gymnastics, she is a typical 17 year-old girl. Vika, as she is known by friends, loves the Twilight series, pizza, drawing, and has a Shi Tzu puppy named  Kutya.

The daughter of two gymnasts, the ability to fly through the air runs in Vika’s family. Her mother introduced her to the sport at the age of 5 and she immediately excelled. Now she practices three times a day for six days a week. The loss yesterday was definitely a difficult one, but Vika seemed to be taking it in stride. “I am proud about what I have done today,” Komova said. “I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t get gold. (Douglas) is very strong. She performed beautifully today.”

Viktoria still has a few more events on Sunday including her best event – the uneven bars. Be sure to listen for her signature move – an inside-salter on the low bar with a half-turn catch to the high bar. It should be an exciting match up!

Olympic Sport: Gymnastics

Hometown: Voronehz, Russia

Birthdate: January 30, 1995 (age 17)

Height: 4’11” (she’s my height exactly…these are my people)

Weight: 82 lbs. (she is not my weight exactly)

Read more about Viktoria Komova at the following sites:


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