Dear London Olympics

Dear London Olympics,

You have met all my expectations, entertaining and amazing me every night. I have been utterly addicted watching swimming, basketball, trampoline, soccer/football, gymnastics, water polo, handball, diving, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, wrestling, synchronized swimming, fencing, and track and field. Thank you for hosting a incredible competition of endurance, perseverance, speed, strength, and passion.

You have welcomed the world with proper manners, many cups of tea, and fairly formidable weather.  Personally, I think you did a jam-up job and I’m going to miss you on Monday morning. But like Dr. Seuss and Michael Phelps said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Here are all your moments that made me smile.

Cheers to you and long live the Queen!

Global from Home

The Canadian team were told not to wear these swim caps but they decided to do it anyways. I LOVED them. Their routine was one of the most fun I’ve ever seen.

Olympic style nails were all the fashion this year. These are sported by Columbia’s swimmer, Carolina Colorad Henao.

This picture just makes me happy. These children are Congolese refugees in a center in Rwanda.

There is no doubt winning a gold medal is an emotional experience. Yang Sun of China let it all out when we won the 1500m freestyle.

Fashion has not escaped Olympic influence as seen on this board posted by I want it all.

What a great facial expression!

The Opening Ceremonies may have received some criticism but no one can deny that this is beautiful.

I always like to know what an athlete is thinking when they cross the finish line. Usain Bolt had love on the brain as he crossed the line and his team broke the WR on the 4×100 relay.

And maybe more than anything, these Olympics proved that anyone can reach their goals as long as they put forth the effort and keep dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Dear London Olympics

  1. letizia

    Great post, great photos!! And a big “thank you” to you for all your posts on who to “watch for” in the Olympics – it gave my Olympic watching experience an added personal touch 🙂


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