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A big thanks to Brilliant London for nominating Global from Home for the One Lovely Blog Award. Now that we are moved and I’m feeling slightly settled in OKC, I am ready to bestow the honors to others. So here are the rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you (thank you, Brilliant London!)

2. Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.

3. Tell us 7 facts about yourself

  1. When my Hubby is out of town, my meal of choice is cheese and crackers.
  2. My favorite trip was to El Calafate, Argentina with my best friend. She threw up on me after eating bad sushi but it only made the trip more memorable.
  3. If I could go any where in the world right now, it would be a toss up between Cambodia and Egypt.
  4. My mom always taught us, “Where there is a will, there is way.” The older I get, the more I agree with her.
  5. I have pictures of me with two celebrities: Jimmy Carter and Oscar the Grouch.
  6. Currently I am applying for a PhD program in higher education and hope to start classes in January.
  7. I have read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice at least 6 times.

4. Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award (this is the fun part)

  1. William Penn University Study Abroad Blog – it is so much more than just a study abroad blog. Karolyn amazes me daily with her creativity.
  2. Turkish Musings – Haley is headed to Istanbul in just a few weeks
  3. Mary in Haifa – Mary is a study abroad professional heading back to school…in Israel
  4. Parallel Life – one of my favorites blogs of a couple traveling the world together…I think they’ve been nominated for this a bunch but I don’t care…so good
  5. French Paintings – an expat artist in the South of France learning and painting the landscape
  6. Postcards Wall – this simple blog shares one of my passions: postcards and stamps from around the world.
  7. You Bloody Tourist – a British student ramblings and adventures in Australia and beyond
  8. Salaam Y’all – a new Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia
  9. Will Travel with Kids – with her two young daughters by her side, this blogger explores the world around her
  10. Freedom Abroad – Katie is spending a year abroad and exploring all she can do for free
  11. World Lit Up – reading a book from each of the 194 UN recognized countries
  12. News from a Broad – Benne’ is an art therapist who has moved her life to Merida, Mexico
  13. College Forever – a great blog for anyone considering a career in higher education
  14. Travel.Culture.Food – a fantastic blog to help plan your travels. She even takes requests!
  15. Partners for Peace – another one of my favorites, Mari and Paul are Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador

5. Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination

I promise to have this done in the next 24 hours


9 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog

  1. letizia

    Congratulations! Jimmy Carter and Oscar the Grouch – what an odd pairing (now I’m worried they will forever be associated in my mind, oh dear!). Looking forward to exploring your nominees 🙂

  2. KarolynWojtowicz

    I would love to thank you for nominating my blog for this award! (I have also checked out some of the other blogs here and have found some truly amazing ones to follow!) I truly enjoy reading your blog posts as well and would love to discuss any way of connecting and really working towards helping international students!

  3. Anthony Braybrooke

    Thank you very much for nominating me for such a nice award! I’ll make sure I get around to checking out all those other blogs. Keep up the great posts and I’ll keep reading. Cheers. 🙂

  4. College Forever!

    Thanks for this! I was going to do this but…honestly I don’t even know of 15 blogs. This might sit on the back burner for a little longer. Thanks for being an awesome reader and commenting frequently!

    1. eliseblalock Post author

      It took me a little while too so no worries. Just know that I really enjoy your blog. I actually shared your post yesterday on Facebook. I hope you get some new readers!

  5. Ashley

    Thanks for the nomination! It’s taking us ages to get caught back up on comments and posts after hiking in Nepal, but we’re getting there 🙂

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