Although it was only 10 years ago, studying abroad has changed a great deal since I went to Italy in 2002. iPads and Facebook didn’t exist. We didn’t travel with cell phones or laptops. Generally, we went to the pay phone to call our parents once a week and to the internet cafe when we could fit it in. We even wrote our papers by hand due to the lack of computer access. To be 100% honest, I loved the lack of technology. I loved being disconnected with few expectations to communicate outside of those who were with me abroad. I was able to focus on exploring Italy and building relationships with the other students. Being abroad was relaxing and re-energizing without the constant ring of the phone and the tiny red flags in our school email indicating unopened messages.

This past weekend I took the same mentality from studying abroad and disconnected. Hubby and I flew to Minneapolis on Friday afternoon to join family and friends for a weekend at the lake in central Minnesota. When we arrived Friday evening, I quickly realized my cell phone received limited service and the internet was patchy. My first inclination was to be frustrated. How was I going to blog? What if our realtor called? But then I looked around me. I was surrounded by a beautiful landscape with family and friends I’ve known since I was a small child. Why would I want to spend my time on a computer when there were so many other things to enjoy? So dear friends, I disconnected this weekend to enjoy all of this instead:


5 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. Rachel Hollenbaugh

    Everyone looks so happy and relaxed! It is extremely important to disconnect from time to time and just enjoy life with family and friends!!

  2. ali

    i will never forget the disenchantment i had with my cell phone when i got off of the ship. i’m glad the great midwest was able to give a nice reprieve from civilization!

  3. Loving Language

    Great post! It reminds me of my time in Ukraine in 93-94. We had no phone–cells phones barely existed at all. I had to set up get-togethers with friends well in advance, and I couldn’t tell them if I was going to be late. I had a friend with internet and long distance service. There was no internet cafe. I called home once a month or so. I also get nostalgic for those days. We went on walks for fun.

    And, like you, we also spent this last Labor Day weekend in western Minnesota on the lake. 🙂


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