Three Things You Can’t Live Without

One of my favorite questions to ask people who travel is “What three things can you not live without?” Typical answers are a camera, laptop, or cell phone, but I love when people say something that surprises me.

I’m headed back to San Diego for five days and currently sitting in the airport. Want to know three things that I like to travel with?

  1. A Book – I don’t go anywhere without one. It’s my comfort blanket. Stood up for a date? Read a book. No electronics allowed for the first 15 minutes of a flight? Read a book.
  2. Scissors – I can’t tell you how many times these little guys come in handy and I pretty much take them with me everywhere. I usually carry ribbon too just in case I need to wrap a quick gift. Always prepared!
  3. The Letter Z – Hubby and I play Scrabble on date nights usually once a month and were pretty competitive. We lost the Z a few months ago and my husband and I accused each other of hiding it. It was actually under the table but ever since then I’ve had it in my wallet. Every time I open my change purse I see it and think of him.

What three things can you not live without?



6 thoughts on “Three Things You Can’t Live Without

  1. willtravelwithkids

    But, I’m guessing you put the scissors in your checked bags since they don’t allow them in carry-ons, right? Your “Z” is special. Always good to bring something along to remind you of the loved ones not traveling along.

  2. College Forever!

    When I was a little kid (like three or four) my parents were going on a trip. I gave each one of them a rock from the yard for their trip…I don’t remember doing it and I’m not sure why I did it, but my mom carries that rock in her purse at all times (even if shes switching to just an evening bag) and my dad has it in his desk drawer at work. Totally reminds me of your Z!

  3. Kara Sundar

    Love your three “must haves.” Never would have guessed the scissors, but they do come in handy,right? When I was little, my dad loved to play card games, and I would always steal the four of clubs – I have no idea why! It still makes me think of him when I’m playing cards. 🙂


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