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Hygge at Home

On my last day in San Diego, a good friend returned home after working in Europe with a study abroad program for the summer. Most of her time was spent in the Netherlands but she was also able to go back to Denmark, where she had studied abroad several years ago. When I picked her up from the airport, not only was I the beneficiary of some great tales (falling off bikes, strange roommates, and watching the American Olympic basketball team in Spain), but also of two handmade candle holders from the Danish harbor.

In her note that accompanied, she explained their significance.

In Denmark they use a lot of little candles in the homes, esp. in the cold dark winters months. When I was studying there, I really treasured coming home, sitting around with all the lights & talking the night away with my host family. This cozy atmosphere is called “hygge” in Danish.

Hygge is a word that really doesn’t translate in English. But in addition to my friend’s explanation, I did find some Danes’ interpretations of hygge.

As I sit in our cookie-cutter apartment with rented furniture and dishes, I am ever so thankful for these two little candles. They remind me of San Diego and all the good friends and wonderful conversations I had there. They also give me hope that soon OKC will feel that way too.  Thanks, KE, for sending a little hygge with me.

Whether you are at home or abroad, I hope all of you, dear readers, find a little hygge in your day.

Abroad Blog of the Week: If You Ever Find Yourself In…

In my search for the Abroad Blog of the Week, I’ve been reading dozens of travel blogs over the past few days.  Some were written by first-time travelers, while others documented the wanderings of what I would call professional globe trotters. But there was one travel blog this week really caught my eye: If You Ever Find Yourself In…  The blog of two well-traveled sisters and their mom, If You Ever Find Yourself In… takes a different approach to sharing their global adventures.  Rather than just retelling their story, the three South African bloggers take on the role of a tour guide.  The women share what you could do in Copenhagen, Prague, Apricena, etc. They focus a good bit on nature, exploring outside of the city, and participating in local events. If I ever do find myself in Copenhagen, Prague, Apricena, etc., I will certainly look to this blog for thoughtful advice on how I should spend my time.

If you ever find yourself in Apricena, visit the historical city of Vico.