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Hubby’s Olympic Style

While watching the 1500 meter qualifying heats on Friday night on the plane, I realized Hubby has picked up some global fashion. He has been looking for new running shoes and took me with him last week to show me a few pair he liked. Surprising all the pairs were of the neon variety. After more online research, we went back and bought him the Nike Air Pegasus 29, or what I like to call the Highlighters. It just so happens that the international running community has picked up the same fashion. Now Hubby can glow in the dark while running with the best of them.

These are Hubby’s “Highlighters”

Seven Olympians in the first 1500m trial heat sport neon yellow shoes.                  Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

Look at those “Highlighters” go! Photo courtesy of BET.


Shop Good

When we found out we were moving to Oklahoma City, we immediately started liking the Thunder. The team is easy to like because they are good, but also because the entire city is crazy about them.

Originally I went out to our local sports store and purchased a championship shirt for Hubby, but it was too small and then they lost, so I figured I would keep looking. I’m glad I did because it led me to a great little shop called Shop Good.  Shop Good sells ethically made and social justice products which provide funding for local and international charities.  For example, this shirt (which I bought for Hubby) provides funds for Sunbeam Family Services, an organization that helps young mothers in OKC get on their feet. If you’re looking for fun tees, they have some great designs to check out.

Need a gift for a girlfriend? This bracelet available at Shop Good is made by South American artisans and provided through the Andean Collection. Its $26 price tag provides fair wages and benefits to the artists.

Or want a little something to spice up a simple dress for a night out? This clutch from Sseko Designs helps employ young Ugandan women to make sandals and clutches while they learn business models and prepare for college. So far, Sseko has graduated three classes of women from their program and every single one of them is currently in college. Wow!

Of course Shop Good isn’t the only store that sells fair-trade and social justice products. If you are interested in looking at some other shops that have this humanitarian approach, scope out these:

If you know of any other great shops that help the international community, please share!