Easy and Budget Friendly Origami

My first experience with origami was actually in Japan 4 years ago while leading a study abroad program. We took our group to a university in Osaka and the local students taught us how to make cranes. So when I went to the local craft store yesterday and saw 6″x6″ paper in the  $1 bins, I decided origami would be a great Global from Home project. These three animals are easy and would be a great project for older kids too.

12 pieces of 6″x6″ for $1

These are the real origami packs that were just a few aisles away…and $6 a pack.

Owl Origami

All that is needed for this cute owl is 1 piece of 6″x6″ paper and a pair of scissors

Wombat Origami

Wombie the Wombat only requires one piece of paper and a black pen

Puppy Origami

The puppy needs two pieces of 6″x6″ paper, a black pen, and tape.

Origami Menagerie



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