Living from a Suitcase

When Hubby and I moved to San Diego last July, we weren’t sure how long we were going to be there. I didn’t have a job and he was completing a one-year fellowship. With so much uncertainty, we put all of our life in a storage unit in Georgia and signed a 13-month lease for a fully furnished apartment. We drove across the country with whatever would fit inside or on top of our car. For the past 15 months we have lived out of 6 suitcases and 12 boxes (most of which are hubby’s medical books). The opportunities for us in San Diego were so great, it was worth putting our lives in a box and living from a suitcase for a while.

Yep, that is all of my life in 10×15 foot box.

As I write this, I think of all the other bloggers who are currently abroad and living from a suitcase. Like Megan from Soulshine Traveler who has jumped around South America, lived in Russia, and explored Europe. Or Ashley and Justin from This Parallel Life who moved from their New York apartment into a storage unit in Denver while they seek adventure traveling the globe for a year. Or my dear friend Mary from Mary in Haifa who has split her furniture between her parents and friends while she takes a year away from her career to complete her Master’s degree in Israel.

For each of these bloggers, they have put away their material possessions to seek something they cannot achieve at home. Whether it is adventure, culture, education, or just a change from the norm, they have prioritized the experience over their belongings. From personal experience, I can honestly say this is not easy to do. But looking back on the last 15 months, I can say it was worth it.


8 thoughts on “Living from a Suitcase

  1. Bee

    Ah man… I’ve had to do this THREE times this year already. Packing up my whole life, saying so many goodbyes and all in the name of adventure.

  2. healingpilgrim

    Ha! I loved that photo 🙂 I too know about living out of (or off of) very very little.. having sold or stored most of my STUFF a few years back before heading off to Asia. But isn’t it amazing to realize how little of that STUFF we actually miss once we get settled into a life elsewhere?? Great post 🙂

    1. eliseblalock Post author

      Agreed! The things I miss the most are pretty random – my supply of wrapping paper, my kitchenaid mixer, and all my photo albums from my first travels. Those are things I can’t wait to get back. P.S. I’m so glad you’re back. 🙂


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